About Us

About Us


Hello, and welcome to the Savan Resources website.

My name is Paul Burrell, Principal of Savan Resources.

I am an Australian expatriate geologist with 30 years’ experience in exploration project generation and on-the-ground project management, in Australia, South America and Southeast Asia.

My past and present commodity focus includes platinum group metals, gold (epithermal, sediment-hosted and orogenic), base metals (porphyry, sediment-hosted copper and volcanic-hosted massive sulphides).

I am effective in either full-time or contract exploration project generation / management roles, including 11 years self-employment in eastern and central Australia (Burrell Exploration Services Pty Ltd: 1998-2010), with a diverse client base.

Prior to establishing Savan Resources, I was employed by MMG Limited from 2010 to 2017, in the positions of Principal Geologist (NSW & NT, Australia, 2010-2011) and Manager District Exploration (Sepon, Laos, 2011-2017).

With more than seven years’ experience in Laos, I have gained a detailed understanding of the distribution and style of many porphyry-skarn copper-gold, sediment-hosted (‘micron’) gold, orogenic gold, sediment-hosted copper-silver occurrences and deposits in central and southern Laos.

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Due to intermittent warfare for a significant part of the 20th century, Laos remains largely unexplored in terms of application of modern techniques.  Yet, Laos contains a vast number of mineral occurrences, including gold, base metals, industrial minerals and gemstones.  There is good evidence that there are other major deposits to be discovered in Laos, outside of the major mining centres of Sepon, Phu Kham / Ban Houayxai, Lak Sao and Vang Tat.

To view a map of mineral occurrences and deposits in Laos, please click this link

Laos is still a developing country, and as yet regional datasets, such as gravity and airborne magnetics are lacking.  Fortunately, satellite gravity data coverage is global: to view a map of mineral occurrences and deposits in Laos, superimposed on isostatic satellite gravity imagery, please click this link

Savan Resources

Savan Resources, a 100% Lao-owned company, was established in March 2017 to assist in providing international experience and expertise to mineral exploration to clients in Laos and the Southeast Asian region.

Savan Resources is based in the southern provincial capital city of Savannakhet.  This location was chosen to establish a frontier office in a poorly explored part of Southeast Asia, from which to direct modern exploration activities, principally in the central and southern provinces of Laos.

As a Lao company with an extensive in-country contact network and modern expertise in mineral exploration, Savan Resources is well positioned as an agency for international investment.

Savan Resources also holds a unique spatial database of Lao mineral occurrences and deposits, which was used to create the maps in the Background section.

Qualitative XRF Analysis

Savan Resources is also offering low cost, qualitative XRF analysis using a benchtop unit. We have a lab-scale jaw crusher that can accept 80mm feed size and produce a crushed product to 0.2mm (but 2mm is ideal for XRF). We are offering crushing and 60 sec XRF readings for USD 5 per sample. From elements as light as S, up to U and the like.

Of course our intention is not to compete with commercial laboratories for precision  analysis, but rather to offer a low cost screening service for early stage projects. The client gets basic data at a low cost, and if more precise readings are required, the crusher residues can be simply submitted for usual commercial analysis.

Agent for Rockdrilasia (Drill Rigs)

Savan Resources is now an agent for Rockdrilasia, a manufacturer of small to medium-sized drill rigs, in Chonburi, Thailand.  Please contact us for a competitive quotation on quality products, with excellent spare parts and service support across the land border with Thailand.

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